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Online Data & Measurement Offer Unique Insights That Help Businesses Reach Their Goals

Web Analytics Are An Essential Component of Every Marketing Strategy


The web analytics solutions offered by WSI are the perfect way to leverage the data into a cohesive form that can help you to figure out where your business needs improvements. By looking into specific data points, you can easily figure out which parts of your campaign marketing strategy are working and which parts need to be improved or abandoned. Key web analytics offer a look into every aspect of your web strategy, from online traffic, to the time a user spends on a website, to clicks, and much more. With this kind of web analytics data, you can understand the behaviors of your prospective customers and modify your business strategies to meet the demands of your customers.

The WSI approach to analytics is to go where the customer already is, instead of calling the customers to the business. The solutions offered by WSI give you a complete customer profile from social sites, videos, ads, and even mobile devices. Our world-class tactics allow you to get the maximum inputs from your measurement strategy:


  • 360 Ad and Campaign Performance Analysis: This comprehensive analysis allows you to see which ads are working the best for your campaign. You can tweak the ads that are not working or remove them altogether.
  • Inclusive Analysis and Testing: Inclusive analysis gives you a picture of your site’s performance in real time. You can see the number of people on your site, the pages they’re viewing and the pages they came from. You can also also test various web designs and content variations to gather customer response before launching a re-design.
  • Comprehensive Site and In-Page Performance: A complete tracking solution for everything from clicks to downloads, videos plays, and more. This is a useful way to find out how users interact with your site. Page performance can give you insights into how to create the most ideal page for your readers.
  • Cross-Device Measurement: Today’s consumers don’t stay on a single screen. Through cross device measurement you can find out which other devices are being used by a consumer.



The data from your web analytics reports will help you better serve your existing customers, while winning you new ones. It empowers your team to:
  • Detect and fix problems on your site or during your campaign before it’s too late
  • Identify improvement areas for maximum impact on sales
  • Measure performance over any time period to understand patterns of success and fluctuations
  • Get detailed insights into who’s visiting your site, where they’re located, what device they’re using, why they’re visiting and even why they left
  • Minimize customers “bouncing” from your site to a competitor’s site
  • Convert traffic and boost conversion rates by pinpointing key barriers to purchase


Web Analytics is just one of the many ways WSI can help you reach your business goals.