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Social Selling is the Art of Combining Traditional Sale Techniques with Modern Tools

Overcome and Outperform Your Competition with Social Selling


In the age of Internet, it’s time you said goodbye to cold-calling. In today’s world, simply calling your prospective customers is not enough, you need to take your game to the next level and that next level can be achieved by properly harnessing the power of social media. These days, your customers are online and that should be your destination too if you want to connect with them and offer them the products and services they seek.

Here are some things you need to know before you begin your journey into the world of social selling:

…93% of B2B buyersstart their buying journey online!
…65% – 70% of the buying journey is conducted entirely free from sales reps!
While it may sound harsh, at WSI, we have the tools and strategies you need to navigate the world of social selling. Our Social Selling Course can show any sales representative how to use various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more to find prospective clients and drive sales revenue. Here are a few highlights of the course:

  • The course content is tailored to your specific goals and learning objectives
  • All recordings are available to you so that you can refer back to them at any time
  • You will also get assignments to reinforce what you’ve learned
  • Weekly training sessions conducted by an instructor to guide you through the process
  • You will also get group assignments to facilitate group learning



The WSI course is of 4-week duration and it will definitely turn your sales strategy around. With WSI, you will be able to understand the latest social media techniques, methodologies, and more to leverage your business. Sales professionals benefit from leaning the following:
  • Social media profile optimization for added visibility among the target buyers
  • Create a roadmap of the buyer persona
  • Create, publish, and share relevant and informative content
  • Conduct in-depth search to find and connect with prospective customers
  • Develop powerful assets to drive new leads and amplify lead conversion


Social Selling practices is just one of the many ways WSI can help you reach your business goals.