What Are SEO Services And What Do They Include?
Search Engine Optimization
What Are SEO Services And What Do They Include?
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What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a set of strategic implementations that helps increase the visibility of a website in search engine results.

There is a cutthroat competition on the World Wide Web and to gain an edge over competition, you have to ensure that your website is optimized for performance on search engines. Consider either onboarding a team of SEO professionals in house or hiring an agency for SEO services.

Why You Need SEO Service?

If you are new to the business world and have no idea what SEO is, this blog gives you a brief on what it is and what services and techniques it includes with an aim to help you understands the basics and take an informed decision while hiring someone for your website’s SEO.

Let’s first understand the top 10 benefits of SEO – 

  1. Boosts organic traffic on your website
  2. Widens your reach
  3. Enhances visibility on search engines
  4. Improves the ranking of your website on search engines
  5. Promotes your website on search engines round the clock
  6. Betters the user interface and user experience (UI/UX)
  7. Helps in lead capturing
  8. Brings more click than PPC (pay-per-click marketing)
  9. Amps up the performance of your PPC ads
  10. Offers impressive ROI

There are many other upsides of SEO, for example: it helps build trust with your audience. You also get rich insights that allow you to alter your strategies and implementations for better performance.

What SEO Services Include?

 As mentioned earlier, SEO is a set of strategies, which include –

On-Page Optimization – Also known as on-page SEO, this implementation takes place on your website. Headings tags, ALT tags, and meta titles and descriptions are changed in order to help search engine bots to decipher the content of your website.

Off-Page Optimization – SEO strategies implemented anywhere except your website are called off-page activities. 

UI/UX – SEO aims to enhance the user experience on your website, as a measure to make it simple to understand for end-users. For this, the SEO agency you have hired might consider taking support from their web and UI/UX development team.

Article/Blog/Webpage Content Writing – Content writing is another service that is a part of SEO. You have to create engaging, compelling text content on your website’s home and inner pages to provide your visitors with information they are looking for.

Local SEO – Your SEO service partner will also optimize your website for performance in areas your business is physically located. This particularly involves optimizing your website and content with location-specific keywords.

Technical SEO – It aims to check and improve your website’s page speed, file and page sizes, broken links, URL structure(s), crawl errors, canonicalization, site map, user-friendliness, and mobile-friendliness.

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