Behind Every Great Business Is A Dedicated Leadership Team

Our management team is comprised of business-savvy individuals who have been with WSI for a combined total of 115 years! They are a dedicated bunch who live and breathe each of our core values. But don't let their professional pictures below fool you — they all know how to hang with the best of them!
“Most Business owners and or Marketing managers see the digital landscape and environment based on their own perceptions of their product and or services offered, but very seldom look at the digital landscape from the customer or prospect’s point of view. It is not as we see ourselves but rather, how the prospects view the relief of their (his or her) needs and wants” to them you are just another vendor!

About the Owner

George Hinestrosa has been involved with online digital research and analysis for 20 years. During his military career with Psychological Operations he worked hand in hand with the Special operations community in the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines prior to his retirement in 2016. This experience and insights into the hidden world of the mind allowed him to comprehend the diverse interaction that is proliferated on the internet with the intent to convert the potential searcher. The research needed to prepare military campaigns and understand a country’s Industry, economy, religion, culture, customs, language, traditions, symbols, climate and history required extensive analysis and research.

Since then he has sought to serve the business community with these same skills. Within the business community or within organizational cultures and or industry specific areas of focus, there are specific triggers and seasons, uptrends and downtrends, culture and the language of digital marketing, that many times goes unnoticed by the business owner and or the marketing manager’s whom already have a full plate to focus on. This is usually due to the complexity of running the business and doing in House marketing at the lowest level of understanding


With Google and the search engines in general your business is looked upon by Google in two ways. Your business either brings pleasure to the customer or your business will solve the customer’s or prospects problems.

We here at Digital Dynamics WSI, focus on analyzing your digital footprint, your online presence, and your competitive position to best advise you and create a seamless plan to breathe life back into your business and ultimately the ROI for your hard work.

Personal observation

“Your business will take on your (owner or marketing manager’s) character and with that the results (make or break) will be based on your ability to learn, embrace, apply, reshape and refocus efforts and adapt to the Google algorithms and updates that are consistently changing and evolving with technological breakthroughs”.

“More than ever there is a need for a Digital Marketing Consultant, just as there is need for an Attorney for the legalities of business, a CPA for keeping the books in order, or a family doctor where you can get immediate treatment and feedback, a Digital Marketing Consultant is an essential part of your team because in our case, we have been around and evolving with the digital landscape for 25 years and in 80 plus countries and are more than qualified to do so”