Our SEO Team Presents: A Guide to the Benefits of Video Marketing
Video Marketing
Our SEO Team Presents: A Guide to the Benefits of Video Marketing
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The latest data shows that companies are still under-utilizing video marketing. With resources allocated to video production, brands can excel in their promotional campaigns. And our team at WSI Digital Dynamics has seen and experienced the value video marketing has brought to our clients. In this latest post, we’re going to highlight the many benefits of video marketing as part of a comprehensive SEO campaign.

Highlight a product

The data shows that customers would rather watch a product demonstration than read about it. You can use video marketing as part of your SEO strategy to promote your product and engage your target audience.

Clear analytics

Text content can be hard to measure. You might know that the person opened the page and closed it after a specific amount of time. But you don’t know how much they read. Video marketing campaigns are far more useful in terms of the data they provide regarding your audience. They can tell you how long the person watched the video, at what point they stopped watching and they can tell you the number of times they returned to watch the video again. This information can be important in targeting the person within remarketing campaigns later on.

Boost open rates in emails

Video campaigns have been shown to boost open rates as part of email and SEO marketing campaigns. The data shows just using the word “video” improves email open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. Making effective use of video campaigns can help to drive a lasting return on investment in email marketing and keep your target buyer on track in terms of their purchasing process.

Improve SEO results

We know that video content increases the amount of time the average person will spend on your site. And Google now has time spent on site as a ranking factor for their search engine results. Using video effectively and optimizing your content for video can help boost your rankings and keep your brand on target for its goals this year.

Our team at WSI Digital Dynamics is here to guide you in creating optimized high-quality video content for your site. To discover more about this latest service, please call us directly.

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