Is SEO Getting Harder? What Every Business Owner Must Know
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Is SEO Getting Harder? What Every Business Owner Must Know
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SEO is no more a cakewalk. Once upon a time, it was. But today, achieving results through your SEO implementations has become harder than ever.

The way, search engines work, has changed a lot in last seven to eight years. Practices that yielded in 2015 would not give you desired results in 2022.

However, many marketers believe that it is a good thing for their brand and the market. 

SEO best practices are now focused on offering a smooth user experience. For example: Keyword stuffing has now become a sin that no SEO professional or business should indulge.

Search engine results are higher in quality now. It is a great help for the end users looking to find products and answers they need. But ultimately, it works in favor of brands too, as it has lowered the amount of competition.

Aren’t sure what you should do to increase your traffic, visibility, engagement, and conversion on search engines? This blog lists down a few important rules of new-age SEO that every business owner must know – 

Remove Spammy Backlinks – 

If you are struggling to gain top positions on search engine result pages, poor, devalued backlinks might be holding your website back.

Before 2015, creating backlinks was a surefire way to triumph top search engine rankings. But in 2022, those spammy backlinks can have an adverse impact on your website’s performance on search engines.

Use a reliable backing checker tool to find and get all your spammy, low-quality backlinks removed. 

Create Quality Links – 

Once sorted, shift your focus on getting linked on online libraries, directories, local yellow pages, and other reliable online sources such as guest blogs and PR websites. 

The idea is to develop a high-quality backlink profile that involves backlinks from reliable online destinations. It will help increase the trustworthiness of your website.

Avoid Keyword Confusion–

Many website owners use same/similar content or product on two to three pages. You must not create more than one page targeting the same keyword. 

If you do so, search engine crawlers might skip your webpages in search results. Moving further, do not use exact match anchor texts throughout your web pages.

Last but not the least, improve your website’s EAT Score to advance to top ranks in search engine results, where E stands for Expertise, A for Authoritativeness, and T for Trustworthiness.

Why SEO is Still Important?

Following SEO best practices optimizes or readies your website for search engine success, in addition to giving your business an edge over competition. Implemented the right way and it will increase the overall experience on your website.

If you are a small or emerging business, looking to gain momentum on Google, consider for best SEO service in North Carolina and other parts of the United States. Our experts can help you capture more traffic with better conversion rate. 

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