How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency
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How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency
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If you have not been able to reach your business goals, especially in terms of website traffic, ranking on search engines, social network engagement, organic and paid marketing, email conversations, lead capturing, and conversion, what you need is an effective digital marketing strategy.

An agency or an in-house team! Which is the right decision?

To polish the performance of your website on digital and social, you will need to either onboard an experienced digital marketing agency or a team of skilled digital marketing professionals. Though, the latter would be a challenging assignment for you, as it will demand more time, money, and patience.

Hiring a digital marketing company to work on your website is always a smart decision. If you partner with an agency, you already know they have an image to maintain. And for that, there would be one or multiple teams to deliver on their project. They would never do anything to tarnish their image.

So, how do you find and hire the RIGHT digital marketing agency?

A large number of businesses often make wrong choices by lining up just any agency. When you are looking for a digital marketing company to help you grow your business online, you must evaluate their profile before employing them. The following tips will help you take the right decision –

Specialization –

You will notice, there are two kinds of digital marketing agencies – industry-specific and full-service. Full-service or 360-degree digital marketing firms offer their services to businesses across industries. And the industry-specific agencies cater their services to only one industry.

You could go with either. But ensure that the agency you are hiring carries expertise in serving your industry or businesses like yours. This way, your digital marketing partner will be able to understand your unique challenges and provide efficacious solutions to drive results for you.

Understand their Offerings

Does the agency you are going to hire offer SEO only? Do they have individuals or teams to implement search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay-per-click, email marketing, content writing, and content marketing strategies to enable your business growth?

Ask them to prepare an audit report for your website first. An audit report is a detailed document that highlights various aspects related to your website’s performance. Research some of the major issues to understand what they are and how they are affecting your online presence.

Discuss each point highlighted in the report and ask by when would they be able to fix the errors shown in the report.

Get all their promises documented or SLA-bound. This is crucial that the services being delivered are backed by a service-level agreement. Make certain that they give you a project manager, who you can call whenever there is a need.

Reviews –

There is one more thing you need to research. And that is their testimonials, reviews, or feedback. Go through their official social network to see what people are talking about their services.

Checking reviews can be an eye-opener many times. There are also some forums where you can search for their business name to see their ratings and reviews.

If they do not have a social presence or if they have mostly negative reviews, they are probably not the ones you should hire. Those words will help you comprehend whether you should choose them.

Focus on Details –

If they are really serious, they will connect you with one of their digital marketing professionals after initial sales calls. See if they talk about metrics or just make promises.

If all they make is promises, they are not going to be a worthy digital marketing partner for you. Work with someone that talks metrics, not hyperbolically unrealistic statements.

Ask their manager to provide a documented plan of action. This document will give you an understanding of how they will get started and catch pace to bring you results.

Resolving Issues and Team Flexibility –

Sometimes, resolving issues demand hiring additional resources, such as website designers, website developers, application developers, UI/UX designers and designers. For example, if your website loads slow, it will require designers and developers to work together on enhancing its user interface and user experience.

Does the agency you about onboard have these professionals on their team? If not, maybe choose a different digital marketing agency.

Pricing –

There is tough competition in the market. There are small agencies and startups, you could consider hiring. Assess their credibility, client reviews, social networks, and online presence, and if everything satisfies you, you could hire them at a comparatively low price.

But if you have a decent budget and you can hire a large and experienced digital marketing agency, go for it. They will give you results with their proven tactics in a professional manner.

To sum it all up, do clearly define your needs and expectations.

But do not be in a hurry. Digital marketing implementations take time to fruit. They do not give you results the next day.

So, have patience and be ready for a long-term business relationship with your digital marketing partner. Usually, you will see the first results after one or two months; the results might not be to your expectations, but you start noticing changes in your website’s performance.

Do trust them with what they are doing. Do not question their strategies unnecessarily. Just make sure that everything is happening as per the SLA signed by you and your digital marketing partner.

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