How to Improve Your Google Shopping Ads
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How to Improve Your Google Shopping Ads
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Want to skyrocket your engagement and sales on Google? There is one surefire way to do that, and that is – to make your products appear in Google Shopping Feed.

What is Google Shopping Feed?

It is a popular ad type that displays products relevant to the search query entered by the user. Undeniably, the products that appear in the shopping feed should provide the rich and right information that, without a doubt, includes images and pricing details of the product.

The greatest advantage you get, when your product is in Google Shopping Feed, is increased visibility, traffic, and chances of sales.

But the biggest challenge here is to make your product(s) visible on Google Shopping Ad Feed. This blog describes a few solid strategies to help you get your product featured in Google Shopping Ads.

Segment Your Products per Search Query

Divide your products based on popular search queries being used by the user. Not just that, optimize your product feed and category feed descriptions too.

Most importantly, use unique yet simple descriptions for each product.

Add Product Highlights

This gives you an opportunity to get ahead of your competitors by providing more interactive, streamlined product information to the user and Google.

Curate the data for each product you want to showcase in Google Shopping Feed. Use catchy one-line bullet points to make your information easily digestible.

Make sure that these one-liners answer the search query entered by the user.

Don’t Forget Your Campaigns

Some marketers create and set their campaigns and forget. Measure and refine your campaigns to make them work.

Learn from the performance data of each of your campaigns for better optimization.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing is a major factor for success in Google Shopping Feed, as the user has the power to compare the prices being offered by multiple sellers/websites on a single screen.

So, keep your prices competitive.

Test the Bid before

There is an option on Google Ads dashboard to evaluate your bids before making your ads live. Be ready to increase your bid amount to boost your traffic, engagement, and sales.

Though, it is advisable to measure your profits before putting this strategy forward.

Choose Different Campaign Types

There is no one size fits all, especially when it comes to Google Ads.

Google gives you quite many options to create your shopping campaigns. Do not choose the same ad type for each of your campaigns.

Positive Reviews

Happy customers and what they have to say about your products are crucial for your Google Shopping Ad Feed success. Thereby, always encourage your customers to share a few words about their experience on the product page.

This will help your product win a space in Google Shopping Feed, apart from building trust with your audience.

To end with, do have a negative keyword strategy to block the visibility of your product in irrelevant search queries.

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