12 E-commerce SEO Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic Organically 
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12 E-commerce SEO Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic Organically 
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If you are in the e-commerce sector, chances are that you are facing extremely tough competition in getting your website ranked higher on the SERPs. If so, maybe you need a helping hand with your website SEO. Here, we have for you the top 12 e-commerce tips to increase your website traffic organically. When you get the services of the best SEO services in North Carolina, you can get all this and so much more. Read to know more! 

The Top 12 Tips To Improve Ecommerce SEO Ranking 

1. Include Keywords In H1 Tags On Webpages

An H1 tag is basically the heading at the top of your page that describes what the page is all about. Having a well-framed and keyword-inclusive H1 tag helps in SERP rankings, as search engines read the H1 title to know what the page is. 

2. Add Descriptive H2 Tags For Better Traffic

Not just the H1 tag, even the corresponding H2 tags should have relevant keywords so the overall user experience of a web visitor can be optimised. User experience is important and is a key factor that search engines use to improve ranking algorithms. 

3. Add Meta Description To Pages

The meta description of a page is read by search engines and analysed for relevant search terms. At times, websites may have a cross-section of the content as a meta description, or they may have a dedicated one. Adding this helps to improve SERP ratings and is ideally within 160 characters in length. 

4. Include Meta Title To Web Page

The Meta Title of a page is the title which appears on the SERP. It is what draws the user’s attention first and should have relevant keywords for ICP hits. 

5. Alt Tags

Alt tags are basically the descriptions for the images that appear on a webpage. Since search engine algorithms cannot read images, website developers have to add some text to the images. The text should be keyword-optimised for increased indexing of keyword searches. 

6. Optimise Your URLs

Optimising the URL of a page is an easy but efficient way to improve website rankings. Ideally, the URL must have the search keywords, and the words should be hyphenated for easy reading by SERP algorithms. 

7. Image Resolution

If your webpage has a lot of images, it may slow load times. Try compressing images so they take up less time to load, and your page load time can be streamlined. 

8. Intricate Backlinks 

Backlinks refer to the number of external websites that include links to your business website. Having a structured and intricate web of backlinks helps to increase credibility for search engine rankings. 

9. Fix Broken Links

At times, there may be broken links that do not lead anywhere on the web, or they may just rotate to the same page. These decrease SERP ratings, so make sure to optimise your website. 

10. Optimal Keyword Density

Even though keywords are good, too many may spoil the game. Do not force keywords into the content, as search engines will red-flag this and decrease your rating. Ideally, keyword density should be lower than 5% in every 100 words. 

11. Web Page Load Times

Load times are crucial in sustaining customer retention rates and conversion metrics. Try to optimise your servers so pages load as fast as possible. 

12. Avoid Duplicate Content

Create original content for your webpage. If two pages have the same content, search engines automatically regard one as duplicate. Duplicating content from other competitive websites will only cause your SERP rankings to go down even further.


Thus, now you know some efficient ways to go about SERP optimisation, but this is not all. There is a lot more to do! So, if you want your e-commerce website to rank first on all search engines, try out the best SEO services in North Carolina today! 

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