Add Value To Your Business With Digital Marketing
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Add Value To Your Business With Digital Marketing
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The year 2020 saw the pandemic pushing people inside their rooms, making them resort to the Internet to access information, find necessary items, entertain themselves, meet their colleagues and friends, and explore new options. As brick-and-mortar stores were forced to shut down to ensure safety, businesses that did not adopt digital marketing pre-pandemic suffered huge losses. But this period also saw an emergence of a score of businesses, small and large, online with some even attempting to cover their losses by transitioning to this new realm. No longer could anyone deny that their target audience is present on the Internet.

Advancements that were expected in a few years were instead prioritised during Covid19 to serve the needs of the newly developing cohort. Research conducted by Digital Commerce 360 revealed that more than 50% of online shoppers wish to continue fulfilling their requirements through online channels while another study conducted by Visa shared that 25% of purchases are being done via social media, making it an social commerce platform that must be considered beyond its ability to create direct interaction. Several studies are available that hints towards the growing adoption of digital marketing and the reason why you must, too, leverage the medium for the success of your business.

As more and more people are spending time online, it has become important for brands and organizations to adapt to the change and incorporate digital marketing in their business strategies. Working in tandem with their marketing teams, businesses need to make a sustained effort to ensure that digital marketing delivers results and drives growth. A digital marketer will not only help you find your audience online and engage with them using the right mix of techniques but will also help you prepare for the next series of changes in consumer behaviour and technology structures, such as the one we saw during the pandemic.

Why You Should Invest In Digital Marketing?

Wondering if digital marketing will add value to your business? Consider these benefits: expanding your reach amongst your target audience via touch points including SEO, SEM, email, social media, affiliate channels, influencer marketing, paid advertising and others, helping you position your unique value proposition and boosting your brand for online visibility, converting traffic into sales/leads, making a positive financial impact on your bottom line, and enabling you to measure the impact of your efforts through analytics tools and helping you make informed decisions to fine tune your strategy further through personalization. Since it’s accessible, digital marketing eliminates the limitations posed by traditional marketing channels. Read on to explore more ways in which digital marketing can benefit your business:

Customer Satisfaction

Every business wants to attain maximum customer satisfaction through its products and services but fulfilling customer expectations is not just limited to customer service teams or online reputation management. It also means to leverage all the channels for social listening and incorporating customers’ queries, feedbacks and demand into the overall business and marketing strategy, be it in content creation, promotion, or incorporating changes to improve product/service. Digital marketing allows businesses to talk to their customers directly instead of investing in hit and trial techniques by talking ‘about’ them in meeting rooms.

Regulate Demand & Supply

Owing to the risks and costs that building a business brings, many businesses started with only one region. Digital marketing not only helps these businesses gather data points for making a decision to limit or expand their reach but also helps in creating a buzz about the offerings, bringing them new opportunities in a short amount of time. If customers find your idea favourable, they make a demand to try it out. This feedback can be leveraged to further expand the product or service line or collaborate with partners to reach out to more consumer segments, which eventually helps you generate more revenue and better ROI.

Pre-Launch Testing

Earlier, market research and surveys were limited to big corporations who would spend huge amounts collecting data before they could put out a solution in the form of a product or service. But with the advancements in technology and availability of a plethora of platforms, businesses can now easily gather a diverse set of audience for testing their products or services. Cost-effective and less time-consuming when compared to the conventional approach, these feedback collection processes can be further incentivised to scale up or down the sample size, depending on your requirements. Businesses can also leverage influencer marketing to reach their target audience, eliminating the need of building an audience set from scratch. Feedback collected will help you make necessary changes before you can launch your products/service in the market.

Device-First Approach

Gone are the days when people held the belief that major decisions are taken on big screens. Mobile phones have evolved to adapt to the needs of their consumer, enabling the latter to run their operations on a smaller screen, sans the limitation of time and place. Digital marketing services such as web design and development helps businesses take a device-first approach and build websites or portals to cater to specific device users. Not only does it help in improving user experience but also improves conversions. Users on devices like mobile phones have lower attention span and like to take action quickly. Narrowing down the objective of your website to one specific goal and lessening steps to conversion on mobile helps the user to act fast.

Establish Relationship

In 2020 and 2021, content has yet again emerged as the dominant success factor. Owing to new platforms/platform features like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Twitter Spaces and conventional search-engine friendly content on websites, digital marketing presents a huge opportunity for businesses to provide value-based content or content that fits their audience needs. The best part is that these platforms work on creativity and unique propositions that your business has to offer, lessening your reliance on paid mediums. While paid channels are focused on ‘promotion’ and must be leveraged for specific goals such as lead generation, conversions or catalogue sales, organic marketing must focus on establishing relationship with the audience by helping them, providing guidance, conducting meaningful sessions so that they can be retained for a long time and can be approached later for promotions. A reliable SEO marketing agency can help you build a result-driven content marketing strategy, in line with your key business goals.

Social Proof

Digital marketing makes it easier for businesses to gather real-time feedback, collect testimonials and reviews in a variety of formats. Satisfied customers not only provide positive reviews but also work as brand advocates, promoting your business on their channels. and Stationhead are two brilliant examples. These reviews can later be used to showcase social proof on websites to attract prospective leads/customers and also to improve your offerings. It’s no secret that both B2B and B2C audiences look for social proof to judge a business’ credibility before they can decide to invest in it. People trust brands with satisfied customers (there needs to be a mix though otherwise, it seems dubious). Higher the positive customer reaction, better will be the flow of targeted audience.

Prepare For Unprecedented Changes

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores and organizations with only physical presence, online businesses have a greater flexibility to adapt to the change. This is specifically true for eCommerce businesses. Digital marketing enables businesses of all scales and sizes to create a digital footprint which can be useful at the times of unprecedented circumstances. With modules such as remarketing, online businesses can boost their visibility by tapping on to existing customers or prospective audiences, an option not readily available offline.

Leverage Digital Marketing For Your Business With Digital Dynamics

A perfect digital marketing strategy with the right tactics and budget is the key to a profitable business. Whether you are looking for an SEO agency in North Carolina or an agency that can cover your entire digital marketing, Digital Dynamics is the right place for you. With a decade-long experience catering to businesses of all scales and sizes, Digital Dynamics, with our unique solutions, can help you get the best out of digital marketing. We work with you to understand goals critical to your business and build a plan to amplify your strengths amongst your prospective customers and help you gain a competitive edge in the market. Our digital marketing services include Competitive Analysis, Buyer Persona Development, Landing Page Optimization, Web Design and Development, Inbound Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, PPC, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Selling, Video Marketing, Email, Facebook Ads and Social Media Marketing.

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