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WSI Trophies and Awards (2007-present)

Bragging is not our style, but we cannot avoid mentioning the numerous awards WSI has received over the years.  We believe that these awards are a direct representation of our leading in the industry in digital marketing skills, and a practical application to your business needs.

Since 2007 WSI has won over 60 WMA awards,  (Web awards) which make us very happy to share that expertise with your business at a local, regional or national level. These awards allow us to expand our knowledge in all areas of the industry to include video, web design and Adaptive SEO practices to name a few.

What is a WMA Web Award?

The WMA (Web Marketing Association) Web Awards are held every year and is in place to recognize web design that represent outstanding achievement in development of websites. In 2013 WSI received four recognition awards and the food industries approval for Standards of Excellence.  That is just to name a few, so please watch the videos that showcase some of the awards that span back to 2007 and some others to the present date.