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Make child Poverty History

Our global influence allows WSI to participate and be actively involved in several programs for the improving of humanitarian conditions around the world. Being a part of numerous communities in business ventures allows us to also become part of the community by improving quality of life for many.

Make Child Poverty History – WSI's Community Involvement Initiative from WSI World on Vimeo.

WSI actively participates in Make Child Poverty History (MCPH). As an active participant in the ongoing global program that helps bring resources and mobilization of aids to individuals and organizations bringing us one step closer to doing away with child poverty and hunger. WSI and its board members decided it was time to get involved in a higher calling and be a part of a wonderful effort that would truly make the difference in people’s lives.

To get involved and find out more about (MCPH) please visit the (MCPH Website) and watch the video.

We are now looking forward to being more involved in local community programs in the region and locally. More to follow.