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Generate More Sales Qualified Leads

Generate More Sales Qualified Leads

Drive your audience to the bottom of the funnel and generate more SQLs

Get More Qualified Leads
Optimize Your Website for Conversions

Optimize Your Website for Conversions

Turn your website into a marketing funnel for quality lead generation

Get A Website That Converts
Optimize Your Strategy for Your Buyer’s Journey

Optimize Your Strategy for Your Buyer’s Journey

Align the marketing campaigns with your buyer’s journey to establish your brand

Maximise Your Business Results
Convert Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

Convert Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

Establish your brand's credibility and convert buyers into brand advocates with online reputation management

Grow Your Online Reputation

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  • Increased Goal Completions On the Website by 173%
    Increased Goal Completions On the Website by 173%
    The Virgina-based remodeling business company has been successfully delivering its service since 1998. But they had a long way to go with their digital channels, specifically, their website. Identifying the low-hanging fruits and the factors that will impact the business long term, Digital Dynamics set out to improve NuHome Exteriors’ performance on the web. Implementing our search engine optimization strategy, creating advance-media to showcase their offerings, and integrating the website with tools, we revamped their digital touchpoint to serve their prospects right with relevant information. In six months, the company has improved its website sessions by 56% and has gained a lift of 173% in their goal completions, directly impacting their bottom line.
  • Improved their ranking on search engine by 80%
    Improved their ranking on search engine by 80%
    Best Bus offers a mobility solution through its web booking and mobile app booking options wherein users can select the pickup and drop-off locations across the country including Dupont and Union stations in Washington, D.C, Penn Station in New York, and several Virginia and Delaware locations. The company partnered with Digital Dynamics to expand its reach through targeted campaigns, improve its website’s performance organically and drive more sales through its channels. Leveraging the power of Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads, we built a strategy to identify the opportunity for consistent sales and in 12 months saw a lift of 50% in their goal completions.
  • Increased Website Traffic by 302% With 66% Reduction in Bounce Rate
    Increased Website Traffic by 302% With 66% Reduction in Bounce Rate
    Being in existence for over two decades, Metro Sealant is a premier source for waterproofing, sealants, and specialty construction products across Springfield, Ashland, Baltimore, and Virginia Beach. But their digital presence was affected by a lack of optimization, poor load time, content irrelevancy, and absence of the right call-to-action, leading to the loss of prospective customers. They partnered with Digital Dynamics for building a digital strategy that would establish their presence on the web and improve the user experience for visitors looking for the products on their website. In less than a year, they saw an increase of over 300% in website visitors with a 100% goal conversion rate for their organic traffic.

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